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You love Jared Padalecki? You love Jensen Ackles? But most of all you love the fact that they must be secretly and absolutely in love with each other?

Well then, welcome, you found the right place! This community is a JSquared Fanfic Challenge Community to help us get through a long and painful hiatus or even the fact that they are still not willing to kiss in public, showing their love *g*

Basically it’s all real simple. Every month we post a guideline for a fanfic/graphic challenge – it can be a theme or prompts or just an idea. And that’s were you come in with your passion for J2 and your unlimited creativity. There are so many talented writers out there with just amazing stories. So why not join us here? And the best part? Besides lots of J2 goodness, of course; You’ll be rewarded. At the end of each challenge there’s going to be a poll where you can vote in different categories for you favorite story.

See? It’s a win-win deal we’re offering. Not only you’ll get to read awesome fanfiction but maybe you’ll also get a shiny award for your own masterpiece. Now, what do you say? :)

Alright... of course every challenge has to have some rules! There will be a post for each challenge and rules will be included in that post. All stories have to be rated R or higher. Come on, people. You want our boys all hot and sweaty, right?

Important: Please join this community only if you are 18 or 18+. There's going to be adultly material! You've been warned!

Affiliates: If you're the owner of another J2/Fanfiction community and want to affiliate with us please contact us! We'd love to affiliate with other comms :)

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